2015 Awards ‘Do’

Sunday 22nd November saw the annual awards/prize money afternoon at Walsham football club.
Paul "Wally" Hubbard has once again, organised a nice little gathering, and quite a few of the award winners attended, and it was nice to see some of the families coming along.

Series overall winner, Tim Clark, was presented with both the main award, and the top over 40 trophy, and Liam Walker received the top over 30's award. Steve Gilbey was the popular winner of the over 50 trophy, even though he didnt look a day over forty, and even his arch rival, Dave Whitehead joined in the applause !

There was the usual banter between Lee Keyton and Wally, which is always one of the highlights of the day, and it was good to see Craig Marsden coming down from Yorkshire to collect his trophy, and pick up his prize money Longest serving NGR rider, John Smith, deservedly won the hedgehog trophy.

It was Tim's turn to cut the nice looking NGR cake, then everyone tucked in to some fabulous food, provided by the better looking half of the Hubbard family! Seriously, The food was excellent, so on behalf of everyone, thanks Tammy.

Paul, Steve, Mark and Aaron then listened to comments regarding 2016, where it is hoped to run at least ten rounds. Unfortunately, some of the rounds will be held outside of the Eastern region, due to lack of circuits, added to the fact that some clubs are cutting back on the number of events in 2016.
It is hoped that the series will continue long into the future though, and preserve Nigel's aim to keep this championship a friendly and enjoyable one.

Good luck in 2016 from Charlie Ralph

Photos by Paul Sewter
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    Steve Bottoms
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    “Any more from you Mr. Keyton, and I’m going to stick this somewhere you won’t enjoy!”
  • Stacks Image 247
    Steve Gilby - Over 50 Class winner
  • Stacks Image 265
    Lee Keyton
  • Stacks Image 267
    Lee Keyton and No.1 fan
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    Paul ‘Wally’ Hubbard
  • Stacks Image 271
    Tim Clark - Over 40 Class winner
  • Stacks Image 307
    Tim Clark - 2015 NGR Champion
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    Mark Lloyd
  • Stacks Image 293
    Dave Whitehead
  • Stacks Image 295
    Wayne Fulcher
  • Stacks Image 297
    Jake Morphey
  • Stacks Image 299
    Craig Marsden
  • Stacks Image 301
    Aaron Hopkins
  • Stacks Image 309
    Andrew Cattermole
  • Stacks Image 313
    Liam Walker - Over 30 Class winner
  • Stacks Image 327
    John Smith with the Hedgehog Award
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  • Stacks Image 331
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    In the NGR you CAN have your cake and eat it!