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The NGR Motocross Championship was started in 1988 by Nigel Read, who sadly died some years later. It was designed to get Junior riders back riding at a mature age.

2019 Dates Announced
Provisional dates for 2019 plus membership application form are now available on the site.

Awards 'Do' Photos & Charlie's Ramblings
Never have such fine specimens assembled for a photo shoot - well not since last year anyway.
Check them out here.

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Mailing Address

NGR Championship
c/o 23 Tymmes Place
Suffolk IP13 6JD


Aaron Hopkins 07926 158881 Over 30's riders representative.
Mark Llyod 07961075503 Over 40's riders representative.
Steve Bottoms 07967 646561 Over 50's riders representative.
Paul Hubbard 07958 269359 Organising Clubs Point of Contact.